I have talked previously about my Grandma and my Great Aunts, Minnie and Rose.  My favorite of the three was Aunt Minnie.  Her given name was Wilhelmina Minerva, but everyone called her either Min or Minnie.  She was the greatest.  She loved to bake cookies, cakes and bread, and loved to drink tea.  She also loved her Whitman’s chocolates.  We also shared a passion for  apple juice. 

Aunt Minnie, when she knew I was coming to visit would bake me a cake.  Always chocolate icing on a two layer yellow cake.  When I arrived it was sitting in the cake dish waiting for me.  Freshly iced and still barely warm from the oven.  She would ask me, right after she hugged me hello, if I wanted a slice.  Even as a very little girl she never skimped on my slice.  She cut me a slab of cake every time.  every. single. time.  She would pour me a big glass of milk to go with it and sit me at Grandma’s kitchen table to enjoy it. 

I loved spending time with Aunt Minnie as she shared her chocolates, her apple juice and her love of soap operas with me.  She and I watched Days of our Lives, The Doctors, and Another World.  In her later years she liked The Young and the Restless, too.  We sat in her room and watched them all afternoon nibbling on chocolates all the time.  That was a glorious afternoon for a little girl.  I felt like a big girl indulging in the excesses of afternoon soaps and chocolates. 

Aunt Min also told me the greatest stories.  Of her beaus that she was engaged to, but never married, her travels, her trips, her work, and her love of a certain little great neice.  I loved her so very much.  It was like we shared a secret world just the two of us. 

She and my Aunt Rose (the oldest sister) used to take me shopping about 20 blocks from Grandma’s house.  They would dress in their finest outfits, put their hats and gloves on and their stockings and high heels.  They would dress me in my little dress that Mom had packed and off we would go.  We would stop to have lunch at the lunch counter at Woolworth’s or Murphy’s and I got to have a small milkshake if I ate all of my lunch.  All of the shop workers would call them Miss Harris or Ma’am.  They would wrap the packages for us to carry home.  Occassionally, they would get a “special” deal on an item since they always shopped there.  I thought this must be how the queen lives as I had it so good.  When I shopped with Mommy it was never like that!

Aunt Minnie told me stories about the streetcars in Baltimore, the dances during the wars, and the trips to the USO and the soldiers that would be there.  How she often made things to take there for the soldiers.  Aunt Min worked very hard in her life.  She and Aunt Rose helped my Grandma support her 5 children after her husband ran off.  They never married, but Aunt Min let me know she was close a few times. 

She, I believe, lived the greatest life.  I remember her as being a very devout Catholic and saying her rosary constantly.  She seemed to always be in her chair by the window praying for this one or that one as they needed it at that time.  She let me know that she prayed for my family and for me.  She prayed for the country’s leaders that they have the wisdom and the health to lead us.  She prayed for the troubled and the afflicted and the children in other countries that had no parents.  She loved to pray. 

Man, I really loved spending time with her.  She passed away at the age of 102 still in reasonably good health, but very hard of hearing.  She heard nothing without her “ear in.”  Man, she gave the greatest full body hugs, too!