I have always been curious about things.  How something works, the thought behind the decision, how to use a system better, how to work around obstacles, what words mean, etc.  In my life I think, I question,  I reach under tables, I peer into back rooms, and I open boxes at the thrift shops.  You never know what treasure might await you.

DSC01506On the second shelf of my local Goodwill was a dirty and very ugly box.  It felt heavy so I opened it up and inside was 100’s and 100’s of doll shoes in all shapes, sizes, styles and colors. 

What am I going to do with them?  I have no idea, but I couldn’t leave them there!  Besides they were only $1.25!  So I brought them home and have been brainstorming what to do with them.  Do you have any ideas?


DSC01508 DSC01509

Then I moved on to one of my other favorite thrift shops in the area, The Love of Jesus Thrift.  I have talked about this one before and how almost nothing is priced.  You go to the register with the items and can usually leave with an armload for less than $5. 

I was getting ready to pay and there was a lady that was placing some new items in the display case.  The case holds the jewelry.  Mostly it is not very good stuff in the jewelry case, but every now and then you score.

DSC01504 DSC01523

I found a Taxco sterling cuff (solid and very heavy) and this 1920’s sterling brooch (I am guessing 1920’s by the setting) with a Wedgwood cameo inside it.  I am researching the markings on the cameo.  I believe it may be (the cameo) from the late 1800’s, but am taking it to a lady that works with estate jewelry to be sure.  What did I pay for both of these you may ask?  50 CENTS EACH! Yes, you heard me 50 cents each!  If I am right about the cameo it appears it may be worth $300-400!  I will let you know what I find out.

Now on to the giveaway winners

I entered the numbers into the random number generator and hit pick and it decided the winners are Heidi and Loralynn.  Heidi, I have your address.  Loralynn, you can use the e-mail address at the top left to e-mail your address to me. 

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all for commenting!