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3105244733_64e87f8205My father is of Irish descent and my mother of Scandinavian descent so needless to say I am a blue eyed fair skinned girl.  To say I am fair is a bit of an understatement, I am PALE!  I don’t tan no matter how hard I try, I BURN.  Kind of like a lobster when he comes out of the water.  Scarlet. Crimson. Fire Engine Red. Yep, that is me!

My problem is that I love the water, love the shore, love the pool, love the splashing and playing, the sand, the wind, love it all.  The sunshine?  Not so much!

One particular trip to the pool is seared (very well done) in my memory.  My friend, Rhonda, and I decided to spend the day at the local pool.  I, at the time, worked midnights at the local 7-Eleven and went after I finished work.  Rhonda promised that she would kick me every so often to have me roll over as it was certain I was going to fall asleep at the pool. 

Rhonda kicked me religiously every 15 minutes which interrupted my sleep and made me even sleepier.  After the 5th or 6th kick I stopped rolling over.  I used to sleep on my back all the time so there I lay in the sun and baked and baked and baked…face up for the rest of the afternoon.  By the time we left I was scarlet, I was beyond burned, I was seared!

I went home and took a nap before work.  I awoke and thought that the room was really dark.  I lived right off a main street and there was always streetlights, but it was dark!  I couldn’t see anything. AT. ALL!  I stumbled and fumbled for the light switch and flipped it.  That is odd, I am sure I paid the bill.  Perhaps it is a power outage? 

Somehow I felt my face.  I should say I felt the heat coming from it.  I also felt that my face was swollen and that my eyes were swelled shut.  I pried them open to see a mug that made me scream.  I looked like a prize fighter after he lost the round with the champ.  My face was so red it was almost burgundy and the eyes positively bulbous.  I was a FREAK!

What time is it?  How long do I have before work?  Surely I cannot go as I cannot see.  I had to call my boss to let him know I wouldn’t be in that night.  I counted the circles on the phone (rotary dial) to call the number that I, thankfully, knew by heart.  He then told me that I had to call around for my replacement!  I explained to him that I cannot see and that I had to count the holes on the phone to call him.  Then went on to tell him that he was welcome to come up and check if he thought I was lying.  (I lived right behind the store.) 

I went back to bed and placed ice cold compresses on my face, but my body was burning, too.  I filled the bathtub with cold water and then plunged myself into it.  Oddly, it felt good and I think I heard a faint sizzle as I submerged.  The next day my swelling had gone down and my friend took me to the hospital.  It was 2nd degree burns on my body.  He prescribed aspirin for the swelling and lots of cold compresses.  I will spare you with the stories of the peeling afterward. 

Suffice it to say I learned my lesson.  SPF45 is now my best friend and I always wear a hat when I am out in the sun.  Also, in the summer when I get a bit of sun on my face the freckles come out on my forehead and remind me that I was once young and VERY STUPID

DSC01445_1024You thought I was mad, didn’t you?  No, I have been seeing and finding and sweeping and  creating and glittering and sweeping and wiping all the live long day…

I saw this type of ornament on this blog and then I spied an easier version in the December edition of Martha Stewart Living and decided to give it a try. 

To top it off I used a vintage brooch with a deep purple stone in the center.  It is to be a Christmas house warming gift for a special friend. 


I also made a couple of domino pendants with red backgrounds.  I covered the dominos with red scrapbook paper using mod podge to adhere and coat the papers.  The paper covers the entire domino.  Sanding the domino brought out some of the black domino underneath it. 

I love these images.  They are from vintage German postcards that I found on the collage image group on Flickr.    I love the reindeer horns on the man with the monocle and the pig balancing the mushroom.  Wonderful vintage images that I downloaded and resized to fit the dominos. 

The bales are some flower spacers that were a gift from this great bloggy friend. 

What color are you seeing this week? 


It is weeks like this that my mailbox runneth over with goodies.  First up, is a pendant that I bought off Etsy from this seller.  She used a Monopoly chance card for the pendant.  She sent the bottle cap pendant as a little extra. 

Isn’t it great?



Christmas baubles were also received from my Flickr group’s swap.  The one on the left is from Lubna and the one on the right from Wendy.  Both are located in the UK. 

DSC01448_1024 DSC01452_1024

There were ATCs from Judy on the left and Jan on the right.  Jan also sent me this lovely velvet journal tied with a lovely ribbon.  Is it not the prettiest thing that you have seen??  I LOVE it.  Both Judy and Jan are in the MAMMA group on Flickr. 

DSC01449_1024 DSC01450_1024




Lastly, I received one of the homemade Christmas cards from the Brooklyn Bride swap.   The card has an embossed chandelier stamped on an ivory card and was created by Globetrotting Bride.  Thanks, Lyla, for the lovely card.


Now tell me if your mailbox fuller than mine? 


DSC01443_1024I bought this very plain pinstriped denim blazer at my local Goodwill for $4.99.  I liked it and thought it was in great shape.  After I got it home I thought it was (a lot) blah.  I decided to jazz it up a bit with an applique. 

I used a wind up bird image a while back to embellish a tote bag and since it is one of my favorite images I thought it was perfect for my blazer. 


DSC01455_1024I just love this image and love it on my blazer. 

And while I was at it (the sewing machine, that is) I thought I would shorten another denim jacket I bought years ago on Ebay, but never wore as it was a bit outdated and way too long.  It had long shirt tails on it and I thought it made me look monstrous. 


Since I am not the best with alterations I decided to cut it straight across and to cover the raw edges with bias tape in a dark plum color.  the jacket was already embellished with the Asian influenced panels and beads.  I loved the jacket, but hated the length.  It sat in my closet for 3 years as I didn’t have the heart to part with it. 

Have you modified anything or held onto something you love, but never wear for too long? 


I guess I started it with the link to the tacky sweater slideshow.  Barbara kicked it up a notch by sharing her Christmas tackiest all the while professing love. 

What followed was an e-mail exchange where I admitted kicking and screaming to owning some tackiness, too.  She then dared me to show them.  So here for your enjoyment mocking applause ridicule scorn pleasure are my finest.

First are the Angels and the polar bears…

DSC01461_1024 DSC01458_1024

Moving on are the ornaments and the pink one with the mint tree…

DSC01460_1024 DSC01459_1024

I also have a bejeweled teddy bear sweater that I am having a problem locating at the moment.  There are also a plethora of socks.  I love novelty socks and have a boatload of them that I wear every day.  I have them for the holiday, too.  There are angels, reindeer, presents, santa, holly, and on and on…

So now I am challenging you to join the fun and show us your ugly!  You know you have it!!!


On Friday, I drew the winner for the Christmas cardLoralynn is the winner!!  E-mail me your address and I will get it on its way to you.  My e-mail addy is at the top left of the page. 


500px-xmas_tree_animatedGrowing up on a farm you learn to live with lots of cats.  Cats love milk, cats love mice, hay and straw draw mice, feed draws mice, cats eat mice…it is the farm’s circle of life.  I remember never having fewer than 3 cats at any one time in the house.  Our cats were both inside and outside cats so they had the run of the farm and were very well fed.  

Christmas time was a great time of exploration for the cats.  There were a lot of new things to check out, the decorations, the garlands, the needles, the tree water, and on and on.  One thing that our cats loved most of all was their new climbing post aka: our Christmas tree.  They would run and chase one another through the house and then straight up the trunk of the tree.  Sometimes they didn’t have to be chased, but would still silently climb the trunk of the tree.  How did we find out about the silently climbing part you ask?  We learned this as we sat watching television in the living room only to have the tree suddenly start falling toward us as the aforementioned cat came flying out of it claws first

I know why cats always land on their feet.  It is because they always use their claws to break their fall and grab onto anything in the vicinity.    Flesh, clothing, furniture, whatever it takes to break their fall.  In the case of the Christmas tree fall it was whomever was on that end of the couch!

Try as we might we couldn’t stop them from climbing the tree.  So we had to start anchoring the tree to the wall in order to keep it upright during the holiday season.  Enter the eye bolts and the wire that Dad hooked up every year to anchor the tree from the cats. 

I have not had a cat in many years, but do miss them.  They always seem to provide entertainment and never cease to amaze me with their total indifference.  There is a saying that dogs have masters and cats have staff.  So true in our case as we had to alter our Christmas set-up to accommodate them. 

Do you have a great kitty memory to share?

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