3105244733_64e87f8205My father is of Irish descent and my mother of Scandinavian descent so needless to say I am a blue eyed fair skinned girl.  To say I am fair is a bit of an understatement, I am PALE!  I don’t tan no matter how hard I try, I BURN.  Kind of like a lobster when he comes out of the water.  Scarlet. Crimson. Fire Engine Red. Yep, that is me!

My problem is that I love the water, love the shore, love the pool, love the splashing and playing, the sand, the wind, love it all.  The sunshine?  Not so much!

One particular trip to the pool is seared (very well done) in my memory.  My friend, Rhonda, and I decided to spend the day at the local pool.  I, at the time, worked midnights at the local 7-Eleven and went after I finished work.  Rhonda promised that she would kick me every so often to have me roll over as it was certain I was going to fall asleep at the pool. 

Rhonda kicked me religiously every 15 minutes which interrupted my sleep and made me even sleepier.  After the 5th or 6th kick I stopped rolling over.  I used to sleep on my back all the time so there I lay in the sun and baked and baked and baked…face up for the rest of the afternoon.  By the time we left I was scarlet, I was beyond burned, I was seared!

I went home and took a nap before work.  I awoke and thought that the room was really dark.  I lived right off a main street and there was always streetlights, but it was dark!  I couldn’t see anything. AT. ALL!  I stumbled and fumbled for the light switch and flipped it.  That is odd, I am sure I paid the bill.  Perhaps it is a power outage? 

Somehow I felt my face.  I should say I felt the heat coming from it.  I also felt that my face was swollen and that my eyes were swelled shut.  I pried them open to see a mug that made me scream.  I looked like a prize fighter after he lost the round with the champ.  My face was so red it was almost burgundy and the eyes positively bulbous.  I was a FREAK!

What time is it?  How long do I have before work?  Surely I cannot go as I cannot see.  I had to call my boss to let him know I wouldn’t be in that night.  I counted the circles on the phone (rotary dial) to call the number that I, thankfully, knew by heart.  He then told me that I had to call around for my replacement!  I explained to him that I cannot see and that I had to count the holes on the phone to call him.  Then went on to tell him that he was welcome to come up and check if he thought I was lying.  (I lived right behind the store.) 

I went back to bed and placed ice cold compresses on my face, but my body was burning, too.  I filled the bathtub with cold water and then plunged myself into it.  Oddly, it felt good and I think I heard a faint sizzle as I submerged.  The next day my swelling had gone down and my friend took me to the hospital.  It was 2nd degree burns on my body.  He prescribed aspirin for the swelling and lots of cold compresses.  I will spare you with the stories of the peeling afterward. 

Suffice it to say I learned my lesson.  SPF45 is now my best friend and I always wear a hat when I am out in the sun.  Also, in the summer when I get a bit of sun on my face the freckles come out on my forehead and remind me that I was once young and VERY STUPID