DSC01445_1024You thought I was mad, didn’t you?  No, I have been seeing and finding and sweeping and  creating and glittering and sweeping and wiping all the live long day…

I saw this type of ornament on this blog and then I spied an easier version in the December edition of Martha Stewart Living and decided to give it a try. 

To top it off I used a vintage brooch with a deep purple stone in the center.  It is to be a Christmas house warming gift for a special friend. 


I also made a couple of domino pendants with red backgrounds.  I covered the dominos with red scrapbook paper using mod podge to adhere and coat the papers.  The paper covers the entire domino.  Sanding the domino brought out some of the black domino underneath it. 

I love these images.  They are from vintage German postcards that I found on the collage image group on Flickr.    I love the reindeer horns on the man with the monocle and the pig balancing the mushroom.  Wonderful vintage images that I downloaded and resized to fit the dominos. 

The bales are some flower spacers that were a gift from this great bloggy friend. 

What color are you seeing this week?