I guess I started it with the link to the tacky sweater slideshow.  Barbara kicked it up a notch by sharing her Christmas tackiest all the while professing love. 

What followed was an e-mail exchange where I admitted kicking and screaming to owning some tackiness, too.  She then dared me to show them.  So here for your enjoyment mocking applause ridicule scorn pleasure are my finest.

First are the Angels and the polar bears…

DSC01461_1024 DSC01458_1024

Moving on are the ornaments and the pink one with the mint tree…

DSC01460_1024 DSC01459_1024

I also have a bejeweled teddy bear sweater that I am having a problem locating at the moment.  There are also a plethora of socks.  I love novelty socks and have a boatload of them that I wear every day.  I have them for the holiday, too.  There are angels, reindeer, presents, santa, holly, and on and on…

So now I am challenging you to join the fun and show us your ugly!  You know you have it!!!


On Friday, I drew the winner for the Christmas cardLoralynn is the winner!!  E-mail me your address and I will get it on its way to you.  My e-mail addy is at the top left of the page.