500px-xmas_tree_animatedGrowing up on a farm you learn to live with lots of cats.  Cats love milk, cats love mice, hay and straw draw mice, feed draws mice, cats eat mice…it is the farm’s circle of life.  I remember never having fewer than 3 cats at any one time in the house.  Our cats were both inside and outside cats so they had the run of the farm and were very well fed.  

Christmas time was a great time of exploration for the cats.  There were a lot of new things to check out, the decorations, the garlands, the needles, the tree water, and on and on.  One thing that our cats loved most of all was their new climbing post aka: our Christmas tree.  They would run and chase one another through the house and then straight up the trunk of the tree.  Sometimes they didn’t have to be chased, but would still silently climb the trunk of the tree.  How did we find out about the silently climbing part you ask?  We learned this as we sat watching television in the living room only to have the tree suddenly start falling toward us as the aforementioned cat came flying out of it claws first

I know why cats always land on their feet.  It is because they always use their claws to break their fall and grab onto anything in the vicinity.    Flesh, clothing, furniture, whatever it takes to break their fall.  In the case of the Christmas tree fall it was whomever was on that end of the couch!

Try as we might we couldn’t stop them from climbing the tree.  So we had to start anchoring the tree to the wall in order to keep it upright during the holiday season.  Enter the eye bolts and the wire that Dad hooked up every year to anchor the tree from the cats. 

I have not had a cat in many years, but do miss them.  They always seem to provide entertainment and never cease to amaze me with their total indifference.  There is a saying that dogs have masters and cats have staff.  So true in our case as we had to alter our Christmas set-up to accommodate them. 

Do you have a great kitty memory to share?