but not because I painted it.  That was the color I turned it as I heard the sound of the shelf that help my humongous fabric collection giving way under the weight.  Score one for procrastination!  I knew it was happening way back in the summer, but was too lazy to take all of the fabric out and get a new shelf.  After all, it was still standing.  It was still holding its load, so why bother?  Why take on that kind of challenge if I didn’t HAVE to?  Because when it gives way it is far, far too late and far, far too messy to do it then. 

I was amazed by the treasure trove of fabrics it released from its depths.  I was in search of my Christmas fabrics when it happened.  I found them, I found the novelty prints, I found the Japanese fabrics I knew I had, I found so many of the treasures that had long been hidden inside it depths.  It was like an early Christmas. 

I decided that I needed a sturdy shelf.  This will be the LAST time that go through this exercise!  So I went to my local Home Depot.  I bought planks of wood 12″X3″X8′.  I had the friendly Depot guys cut the planks in half for me.  That gave me the 4 foot lengths I needed for the shelves.  Then it was off to the concrete block area.  They didn’t have the ones that I was looking for, but I found a close substitute.  They were 16″ high.  Plenty of room between the shelves. 

My new shelves are made of wood and concrete so how could they fail me?  I am thrilled with the finished product and I have placed my fabric back in its rightful place.  All is once again right in my world.  I am still working through organizing the rest of the room.  Time to get some of the piles put away.  That will take a bit longer for sure. 

DSC01436 In between heaving, stuffing and the other bluish stuff, I did have time to work on some crafty endeavors last week, too. 

I cut some images from a 1943 New Modern Encyclopedia that I thrifted to start some Rummy-O pendants.    Aren’t the images great?  My favorites are the eye diagram, the boy with arms akimbo, the filing cabinet, and the bellows. 

I am not sure if I will add beads or use my sterling wire to make the bales. 


Which picture is your favorite? 












I also used an image that I scanned from a 1961 French Language book to make a pendant. I scanned the image, resized it and then used my photo program to add the pink chapeau and added a pink border.  On the edge of the domino I affixed some hot pink ribbon to finish the edge of domino.  It is the perfect complement.  I love black and pink together.  They are so great a combo. 

What colors do you like together?