DSC01414I have a sickness addiction overwhelming need love of scarves.  I have literally tens twenties fifty or more and still cannot resist another cute one.  Especially when it had a birdie?  How could I say no to this one?

I was scoping out Etsy the other evening when I happened upon this one.  It is light so I can wear it all day long instead of only when outside.  The seller is Tacky Top Hat

She was nice enough to send along a little heart brooch (does she know me and my brooch sickness or what?) and a bracelet.  I don’t have the bracelet in the pic as I used the beads for a thrifted necklace I was restringing that I needed a couple of beads that size and color.  It was a single strand without a clasp and I made it a double with a clasp. 

I showed you on Monday the ATC that BrendaLea sent to me and mentioned the 1935 newspaper she sent along.  I clipped the ads from the paper and scanned them.  I will share them here and later in the week on my Flickr page in case you would like to use them in your artwork. 

ad1 ad2 ad3

ad5 ad6 ad8 ad9

Did you see some of the prices?  Wow, that is a bargain!  I don’t see those prices in thrift shops!

Here’s hoping your turkey is moist, you miss the traffic, you have enough to eat, and most of all you are with those that you love the most! 

Happy Thanksgiving!



And, on Thanksgiving, remember that one person can make a difference and give thousands a reason to be thankful!

You can watch the story here