Thanksgiving Swap


Debra hosted another swap.  For this one we had to create a paper doll and an ATC with the theme Dress Up and Eat Your Dinner.  We were also to send along a recipe that went with the Thanksgiving theme.  My partner for this swap was Molly of Fattycake Designs.  I really enjoyed the last swap that Debra hosted and liked making the paper dolls. 





The ATC was an easy one once I settled on the image to place on it.  Thankfully, the family I spend the holidays with is a little bit of each kind of family so I never feel bad about choosing both.  :O) 










I named my paper doll Prudence while I was working on her.  Since Molly resides in North Carolina I felt that the appropriate name for a Southern Belle.  I used a face from an old advertising images book for her face.  I thought that the updo fit her.  I also had to place a flower in her hair.

I had to edge her skirt in pink tulle.  A proper Southern Bell must have a skirt that twirls. 


And what proper lady doesn’t wear an apron while she is cooking?  I decided to make it a lacy one and to adorn it with some tiny acorns.  I also used some very tiny buttons on her top. 

Prudence certainly looks like she has not lifted a finger and so put together as most true Southern Belles do. 

I also sent along to Molly a few other surprises and Paula Deen recipe for the holiday, Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle.



What desserts are you making for Thanksgiving?