When I was little family trips were few and far between.  My little brother and I saw pictures of the great excursions my family took before we arrived, but by the time we came around we were kept within a four hour limit from Baltimore.

We often went to Ocean City (MD), Atlantic City (NJ), Rehoboth Beach (DE), Washington (DC), Annapolis (MD), Williamsburg (VA), Jamestown (VA), etc. 

One such trip was our family vacation to NYC.  We left in the wee hours of the morning.  Dad and Mom always did this as we slept and this eliminated the “are we there yet,” “he/she is touching me,”  “I have to pee,” and “I’m hungry.”  This particular trip we all had some form of the stomach flu.  So we stopped at EVERY Howard Johnson’s on the way to NY and every one on the way back.

Dad never liked to cancel trips and since we were a large family there was no hotel stay.  So it was we are going come he** or high water and we are not sleeping over!  I should probably mention that it was also POURING TORRENTIAL RAIN the day we headed out.  Our first planned stop was Macy’s in Herald Square to purchase some rain slickers.  Perhaps we could find some with the NY logo and they would be our souvenirs, too.  Yes, my Dad was THAT cheap!

We found the slickers and put them on and proceeded up the road to the empire state building to see the city.  You do know that the Empire State Building is usually above the cloud level?  So we got to see nothing from the top except for the driving rain and the top of the clouds.  For safety reasons they closed the observation deck so we peeked out the windows. 

Next stop, Ellis Island!  Lady Liberty lives on Ellis Island and we were headed to see that lovely lady next.  When we arrived we were told due to the rain that the ferry boat was not running as the surf was too bad to do so.  So we stood at the dock and stared at Lady Liberty across the harbor and through the raindrops. 

Pile in the car kids it is off to Chinatown!!!!!  We piled in the car, all seven of us counting Mom and Dad.  We were heading to Chinatown!  Dad was reading his trusty map of the sites and then proceeded to turn on the Avenue of the Americas.  It is a one way street and was not going the direction my Dad was going.  So there we are with our little car and 6 lanes (if I recall) of traffic coming straight at us!  No offense to the New Yorkers that were coming at us, but I heard some very foul words and saw a lot of fowl symbols pointed in the direction of our car.   

We did make it to Chinatown, but didn’t stay long as it was pouring rain, we were all sick, we were all cold and we were all hungry.  So we piled back in the car to head back home. 

The title of the post talked about cookies, right?  Well Little Cindy Ann left hers at the top of the Empire State building.  It was the height, the elevator that travels at 353 mph and being packed in the elevator.  So I left my personal calling card at the top of that building. 

That fun little family trip netted us very bad colds, a couple of cases of walking pneumonia, and some orangey rain slickers that we never wore again.  I do love NY now, but back then I had my doubts. 

Any family trip horror stories you want to share?