I mentioned that Jo and I met up in Williamsburg.  I neglected to mention the location the antique mall there.  We met at 10 a.m. when it opened and left at 2:30.  I think we were in every booth and touched about everything.  There were two items that we agreed were big scores. 

This is the first, Tombola game pieces and cards.  The gentleman that was ringing us up for this told us that the dealer’s grandparents live in Paris.  He was visiting them and they were going to throw them away and he asked if he could have them.  He brought them back to the US.  The price was a bit hefty on these $45 with 10% off it was $40.50.  Jo and I went half on it.  The game pieces below are only a very small portion of the haul and are all made from solid wood.  When we were divvying up the haul it divided evenly among both of us.  Kind of meant to be.  (Pics below are courtesy of Jo’s flickr images.)

gamepieces gamecards

Next is this french dictionary.  It is from 1938 and filled with the greatest images and all in French.  It is over 4 inches thick and cost me $9. 

DSC01395 DSC01398

DSC01396 DSC01397

I also bought some vintage trims and buttons, a couple of vintage cabinet cards with lovely children’s pictures, and some vintage valentines.  The price set me back a bit for all the goodies, but I feel the 2 scores above were worth it.  Jo is still kicking herself for not buying the dictionary as she spied it first.  I spied the tombola pieces. 

What have you scored lately?