Margaret, aka the infamous MAMMA, gave me an award.  The Blog Friends Forever gold card.  I have long admired both Margaret’s art and her quirky sense of humor. 

Here are the rules –

1. 5 people are allowed to receive this award.

2. four dedicated followers of your blog.

3. one is to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.

4. please link back to the person who gave you this award.

So here goes:

Sue of Perpetual Plum whose work with upcycles bits of stuff never ceases to amaze me.  All of her works are made with recycled goods.  Sue and I have done a few 1:1 swaps and she is always willing to share her techniques and her creations with me.

Heidi of Everyday Cookies who is the energizer bunny of the craft world.  She just keeps going and going and going…She amazes me with her swaps, her life and her outlook on the world.  How could you not love a girl whose motto is to have something sweet every day? 

Vallen of Queenly Things who makes me laugh both with her and at her every time I read her blog.  She always seems to have a bit of verse, some song lyrics or a great story. 

Sandy of Quill Cottage who offers me beautiful pictures, beautiful stories, and inspiration every time I visit.  BTW, I won her last blog contest and she sent me this lovely altered wish journal and lovely ATC.  She also sent along an ATC album for storing my ATCs.  Thanks, Sandy, I love them all!

DSC01385 DSC01386

DSC01388The last person is not a blogger, but an avid (some would say rabid) flickr user.  Jo, aka Takeabreak, has an awesome ephemera collection, shares it freely, moderates the altered game pieces group on flickr, and is a great crafter, too.  I had the great pleasure to meet up with her this weekend in Williamsburg.  Here is a pic that I took in Williamsburg this past weekend.  I am the one on the right with the turkey neck. 

Jo was exactly as I pictured she would be.  She also brought me some great treats.  An altered scrabble charm, an altered domino pendant and some little oak leaves that she punched from a real leaf that she mod podged to preserve.  How cool is that?


 DSC01392 DSC01391DSC01393

Tomorrow, I will share what I made for her. 

Have you ever met a bloggy or flickr friend in person?  Was it really great and did you make a friend for life?  Jo and I did as her fortune that she received the night before at dinner said so.  It told her she would soon meet a new friend.