When we lived in West Virginia years back there was a blind gentleman that I befriended down the road.  Mr. Raymond was very old, about 70 or 80, and had been blind all of his life.  It was amazing to me that he could get around, take care of himself, get his food cooked and take care of his little farm. 

He had two ponies that he kept mostly in his barn so they wouldn’t get away.  They both wore cow bells around their necks so he could find them and they were both Shetland ponies.  If you know about Shetlands, they are tiny.  They are about 1/2 the size of a full grown pony.  You see them a lot of times at petting zoos for children. 

Mr. Raymond let me take them out for walks and feed them.  I loved them so much, and since he knew I did and that there was no one to take care of them, he left them to me when he passed away. 

They were both foundered since they never got out of the barn to run off the hooves.  We had the blacksmith come over to trim their hooves and get them back into shape.  They finally got out of the barn to run with our ponies.  It was awesome to see them running and playing with the other ponies.  Mr. Raymond would have loved it, too.

I am not sure how old they were when I got them, but they passed away a couple of years after Mr. Raymond.  Maybe they just missed him so badly, I am not sure. 

They were so cute and a bit cuddly, too.  It was kind of like having another dog at times. 

Did you have an elderly person that you befriended?