DSC01377Sunday was so lovely this past weekend that I made a drive to Carytown.   I love Carytown for its mix of very expensive shops, antique shops, thrift shops and restaurants.  One of my favorite places to stop is Jean Jacques’ Bakery.  I love the cookies, sandwiches and soups there.  If you find yourself in Carytown it is located in Cary Court.


Wile wandering down the street I stopped in Luxor.  A really awesome thrift shop that carries the coolest vintage clothing and jewelry.  I never lack for finding a treasure there. 




The man that owns Luxor has a unique policy, if you want to return it tell him how much you paid for it and he will give you that in an exchange.  You don’t often get that from a thrift shop. 


I saw this necklace and fell in love.  The beads are all glass crystals.  In the case and to the eye they reflect both blue and green depending on how the light hits it.  I love it with the combination of milky glass beads in between.  It is also a hefty piece of lovely!   


I am thrilled with my new (OLD) necklace.  It is appealing to me that you never see someone else wearing your jewelry and it has been loved once before long, long ago. 

It doesn’t get better than that!

Do you have something old that you love?