DSC01369I bought this jacket about 3 years ago.  I really liked it at the time, but then realized that it didn’t go with a lot that I had with the brass buttons.  So it kind of languished in my closet for a while until inspiration struck.  I can change the buttons with some vintage buttons! 


Then the reality  of that struck me.  I would have to find 16 identical, vintage, 1 1/2″ buttons.  Not an easy or cheap prospect.  I then started checking the sewing stores for buttons, JoAnn’s, Hancocks, Quilting Adventures, and on and on… No one had 16 identical 1.5″ buttons.  Also, the cost made me queasy.  I would have more than the jacket was currently worth in buttons. 


Enter my trusty Etsy and this seller, Buttered Parsnips.  I fell in love with this set of buttons that she was selling, but there weren’t enough.  I contacted her to ask for a custom order of 16.  They arrived super quick since she lives in Richmond, a short 15 minutes north of me via the interstate. 



I spent Sunday morning watching Sunday Morning and removing/replacing the buttons on this jacket.  The lighter color of the buttons was just the POP that this blah jacket needed.  I love my new and improved jacket. 


Sorry, that the picture to the left doesn’t do the buttons justice.  It was hard to get them to show up.  You can click on the button link above and then close your eyes and imagine. 


I like my jacket so much better now that it has a bit of zing to it.  It is not so vanilla any longer.  It has a bit of spice. 

Consider this my wardrobe remix!  Have you jazzed up anything lately?