DSC01365One year my Mom decided we could throw a Halloween party for our friends.  She went about with gusto preparing the party games and treats.  We created a story about a witch called Grimalda.  Mom then decided that we should pass around the parts of Grimalda as we read the story.  Some of the stuff she came up with was genius! 

During the party we passed around the pieces all in paper shopping bags that we had to reach into sight unseen and touch.  A piece of liver for her liver, some grapes in tapioca for her eyes, sausages linked together for her intestines, a pork butt for her heart, and on and on it went.  Squeals of “eeeewww…” and “grosssss….” were randomly heard as each person reached inside the bag.   My Mom was beaming at her accomplishment. 

We lived a short walk from a cemetery down the road.  It was a very old, very dark and scary place.  Especially on Halloween night.  We decided we should go there and have a sĂ©ance.  All was going just fine, but we got spooked if we heard a noise or a leaf blew.  Then my big brother, Pat, had the genius idea to try to call back the spirit of one of the names on a headstone. 

Well we started concentrating on that name when all of a sudden in the distance we heard the most blood curdling scream.  Somehow I was out of the cemetery with one great leap and running down the road to my house.  I found out later that I ran over top of several of my party guests in my haste to leave.  Several of the smaller party guests got trampled in the melee. 

We all immediately blamed Pat and thought surely this had to be his doing.  We all started yelling and pointing at him saying “you did this”, “you made us scared”, and “they got run over because of you!”  Then the reality of what happened started to set in.  The place that the scream came from was our swimming spot, The Falls.  It was over a mile away from the cemetery.  There is no way, Pat, who never wore a watch, could have timed it that perfectly.  No way he could have coordinated it with another person at The Falls.   To this day, I am still not completely convinced it was him or wasn’t him.  I am not sure if we were tricked by him. 

I know that I never set foot in that cemetery again, EVER

Do you have a ghost story to share?