I have had a love affair with candy for most of my 45 years on this earth.  There is not a combination I have not tried, enjoyed, and ate often.  Peanut butter and chocolate is bliss.  Any combination thereof is good with me.  In the picture above I see a few of my favorites: peanut butter M&Ms, Mr. Goodbar, Oh Henry, 5th Avenue, and Heath Bars. 

I will eat candy that is in my world until it is gone.  I cannot buy a multipack or I will eat it all.  I have to buy it one at a time to keep myself honest. 

I mentioned that my Dad managed a bowling alley while I was growing up.  While he was in the office counting money after it closed, I was free to run the place.  I found the keys to the candy machine one night and decided to eat some Butterfingers.  I ate the entire row from the machine.  Never in my life have I had a stomach ache that bad.  I will spare you the details, but suffice it to say that the color or that candy bar on the inside still makes me sick to look at to this day.  It WAS my favorite candy bar before that day. 

How do you stop a love affair that has been going on all of your life.  A friend that never disappoints?  A buddy that is always there?  You get told by your doctor to stop all caffeine.  It never occurred to me that chocolate had caffeine!  After I had been off caffeine for several weeks I stopped at Sonic to have a Sonic Blast with extra Reese’s cups.  I woke up that night shaking and with my heart racing.  I could feel my body shaking.  I was really scared, but not sure what caused it.

The next day at work one of my co-workers offered me a Hershey’s kiss and then said “Oh right, you can’t have one!”  “Why not?”, I asked.  “Because chocolate has caffeine” was her reply.  I was devastated.  No more chocolate???  No more Reese’s???  No more late nights with my best friends???  Oh, I am not sure I signed on for this.  Healthy is healthy, but no chocolate!!!!!!!!!! 

I have to be honest, I am trying really hard to be good and stay off of the chocolate.  So far I am cutting back and it is a struggle every time I pass the candy aisle, the cake counter, or the cookie aisle. 

Have you ever had to give up eating something that you love?  How did you make it?