I love birds.  I love to watch them fly, I love to watch them dive, I love to watch them dig for worms in the wet morning ground.  They fascinate me.  As I was searching the collage image group on flickr I found this image of a very rotund wormsman.  I have been wanting to make another version of Birdman since I created him.

I created this collage using a piece of a board game playing board.  I used mod podge to adhere the scrapbook paper to the board.  I then stamped the moon face on the scrapbook paper.  Then I adhered the man’s image and added the bird head from one of my bird books.  I outlined the birdman image with a silver gel pen. 

I then painted manila paint around the moon and birdman images and then sanded it after it dried to show some of the red paper through it.  I then took a swirl stamp and randomly stamped the manila background.  The phrase is written on by hand and then colored in. 

I used my crop-a-dile to add the grommets to hang the ribbon with.  I am still deciding what to hang it with and if it is completely finished or not.  I always want to add more and have to hold myself back a bit each time I make something.  It is like I heard once on a fashion show.  When you have finished dressing and accessorizing look in the mirror and take one thing off.  Then you look is perfect. 

Do you over embellish?  Or do you feel too much is just right?