The thrift shops seem to be a bit lean on the goodies lately.  I did manage to seek out a couple of gems among the stuff. 

This potholder appears to be hand stitched.  I like the X’s stitched around the squares.  The back side is covered with the pink gingham fabric and the same hand stitching.  It also has a bit of tulle and a ribbon rose on it. 

I purchased it for 25 cents.


DSC01349 DSC01351

I found this two volume set of 1962 books titled The Junior Instructor.  Inside is instruction about art, how to draw, how to speak Indian sign language, songs, poems and lot of other info.

DSC01348 DSC01350

Both of the above images are from the books.  There are instructions to draw faces, birds, animals, etc.  It is really a neat set of books.  Since they are children’s books I got them for $1 each.  I love the carved images on the covers.  The cover may be leather, but has the feel of a yearbook cover. 

Have you scored any goodies at the thrift shops lately?