I would not consider myself a techie, but I am very handy with computers and have a lot of random bits of wisdom I have picked up here and there.  I seem to be the go to person when they need research.  Googling, I am your queen. 

So starts my techie story…

I have always been very cheap tight with a buck thrifty.  If my appliance is still working why replace it?  So what if my TV still has the dial?  So what if my stereo doesn’t have a CD player?  It is all good as they still work!  I can work around it. 

However if you dangle a piece of jewelry, a brooch, an accessory my wallet flies open as if it has a mind of its own.  It is never too tightly closed for some pretties.  I always have money for pretties.

So starts my flirtation with the IPOD.  I had long seen people using them, wondered about them…no knobs, no buttons, so smooth and tiny.  Surely it was limited by its size??  One of my co-workers had one and she has been patiently answering my questions.  Many. many. questions. 

I had to find a good buy on 2 ipods for work for a register to win.  I don’t know much about them, but I am vaguely familiar with Gigabites.  I know that translates to “a whole lot of crap” and then some!  I found a 8 gig ipod for $147.  I knew that was a good deal.  I went to pick them up for work. 

I got home and started thinking about it.  Remember I am cheap tight with a buck thrifty, so it was the bargain that got to me.  I went the next day on my lunch hour and bought myself one.  It came home and sat in it’s package as I struggled with buyer’s remorse.    Would I really use it?  Would I get my money’s worth out of it?  How exactly do I load it?  ARGH! 

I made myself a bargain.  If I promised to walk in the evenings I could have it.  I could use it to keep me company while I walked.  Walking is no fun, but if you have tunes to go with you it flies.  I spent a couple of evenings loading all 39 of my CDs worth of music onto it.  Best of all it took only 1.6 gigs of space. 

One of my main complaints with CDs is that unless you get a compilation you have to listen one artist entirely.  With the ipod I can choose to shuffle and it mixes the songs intelligently.  It uses the genres and makes an excellent mix of songs…one from here and the other from there…and on and on.  No commercials, no interruptions, just music.  I keep it in my jammie pocket as I move about the house in the evening. 

How did I make it up until now without this device?  It is great. 

Now if I can understand the numbers on my new pedometer???  (BTW, it was FREE!)