I love it when I find something awesome at the Goodwill!  Last week was no exception.  In the case at the front of the store was a 1954 copy of Ideals, the Valentine Issue.  It has some of the most awesome vintage images.  I will scan and upload them to my flickr page in the near future. 



This is the image from the cover of the magazine.

Isn’t it lovely and so romantic.  I can hardly wait to share the other images in the magazine with you.  You will have to wait a bit, but it WILL be worth it!

DSC01337 DSC01336

Also, Christy sent me a little just because package.  She included some Dr. Seuss alphabet cards, dominos, a vintage scarf or two and a lovely and colorful sash.  Not sure what I will use it all for, but time will tell.  Thanks Christy! 


One of the members of The Faerie Zine group on flickr asked for RAKs for a lady that lost her twin babies.  She is creating a 5X5 book for her to help her heal.  A lot of the members contributed to the book and it will be a great memory for the parents that lost their babies. 

It is so hard to know what to say at a time like this, but they do have a very strong faith so I am certain they will lean heavily on that for now. 

I hope they like the quotation I picked.  I thought it was very appropriate.

How do you reach out to others?