My friend, Angela, and I made the trip on Saturday from Richmond to Thurmont for the Catoctin Colorfest.  It took us 3 hours to get there.  When we arrived I marveled at the number of people packed in this little town for the day.  Also, every resident it seemed chose to have this event coincide with their yard sale.  There were people wall to wall.  The sheer size of the event was overwhelming.  There were a lot of others taking advantage of the festival in order to have their own craft shows.  There were other venues with 100+ craft booths everywhere.  It was too overwhelming for me. 

Angela and I were troopers and we checked out most of the venues and at one point couldn’t remember if we had already DSC01330been there or not.  It is certainly not an event for the fainthearted.  We ate, too.  I had a crabcake sandwich.  Can’t go to Maryland and not have some form of crab, right?  I also had an apple dumpling.  Angela, had some pizza and tried to have a funnel cake.  She stood in line while I got in the bus line so we could leave.  She got to the person to take her order and then the bus was pulling up.  The lady told her it would be 5 minutes for her to MAKE one!  No wonder it took so long for her line to move! 

Most (90%) of the stuff there was not my cup of tea.  So I was a lot disappointed!  However, I did find one thing to buy for myself.  This lovely pearl bracelet.  It is made with white and peacock pearls with bali silver findings and crystals. 

We stopped at the Leesburg outlet center on the way home.  It is about 30 minutes south of Thurmont on Route 15.  That made my trip.  I found a pair of shoes, some of my Playtex bras for $16.99 each (I said $16.99!!!!!), a shirt, and some new slippers.  My other slippers were in incredibly ratty shape. 

Would I go to the Colorfest again, no.  Would I go to the outlets again, yes.  No offense to the people of Thurmont (of which my brother and sister-in-law are residents).  It was just not my cup of tea. 

How about you?  Ever drove to a show that disappointed you?