DSC01311 This week’s theme was matrimony.  Coincidently, it was Margaret’s 35 wedding anniversary also.  I made 3 ATCs for the challenge since I found 3 pictures that I really liked while searching for bride pictures.

I love the expression on the face of the 3rd bride.  She looks thoroughly disgusted with the whole thing. 

Some have mentioned that the I do bride looks terrified.  Perhaps she is not so sure she does??



I will share a quick and funny wedding story with you.  I was a guest at a wedding and the bride and groom had several dogs that she let run during the wedding.  Just as the preacher was getting ready to pronounce them husband and wife one of their dogs decided to relieve himself on the arch they were standing under!  The best part is that it made it into the wedding video.  I guess the dog was either marking his territory or giving his objection to the wedding!



The long lost 5 things card finally arrived from Jan.  It was mailed on August 11th!  Mine mailed at the same time is still MIA.  Cross your fingers will you!  Receiving Jan’s made me think she may still receive mine. 


I love that she is smelling a flower in the card.  Jan’s cards are always so lovely. 







I also received Renee’s phonebook card and Viv’s Klimt card. 


I love the weekly challenges and creating something with a common theme.  It is amazing to see how many different interpretations there are on the subject. 

What gets your creative juices flowing?