My Mom was a bit unconventional when it came to food.  Until we moved to the farm and grew our own veggies I cannot recall veggies on our dinner plates.  I remember Hamburger Helper, Goldenrod Eggs, Creamed Chipped Beef, kid birthday picturebut nothing leafy, on the cob or dug from the ground. 

When we were sick it was almost a party.  She let us have ice cream and Pepsi.  Wouldn’t you stay home as much as you could if you new there was snacks involved? 

The morning after our birthdays we had leftover cake for breakfast.  Actually, we had leftover cake for breakfast until it was gone.  My sister used to get angry at Mom when she practiced this tradition with my nephews.  I reminded her it didn’t kill her! 

I don’t recall us being health conscious either.  We ate (pretty much) a very high fat diet, we drank things that were later thought to cause cancer (red dye #5), ate candy like it was going away tomorrow and lived on chips.  I know I mentioned the Bowling Alley my Dad managed and while there I lived on all the soda, sweets and ice cream I could consume. 

Is it any wonder then I have a weight problem?  Or that I struggle with how to eat properly?  I am working on eating more good stuff and less of the bad stuff.  Recently my doctor took me off of all caffeine.     I was not particularly addicted to it, but did have a cup of tea or two a day.  I also needed to cut back on the sodium intake.  So gone are the sodas and enter the water.  Lots and lots of water.  There is no drinking a soda when I need to wake up, there is just getting up and moving around. 

It did take some getting used to.  It, also, limits what you can drink while you are out for dinner.  I never thought I would get excited over light lemonade (oh, did I mention that I gave up sugared sodas years ago).  I have recently found that most root beers are caffeine free!  I love root beer!

So I am learning a new diet and getting off of the diet I learned as a child.  It is hard though when you are tired and there is a chocolate cake in the vicinity.  I am weak and it is soooooo good.  Oh, whoops, chocolate is out too…CAFFEINE!  I learned that when I had an ice cream after I was off of it for a while.  I woke up in the middle of the night with my heart racing and my hands shaking. 

You know it is a %$#@& getting old! 

How about you?  Any lifestyle changes lately?