…especially when it is pretty and comes with a surprise!  I purchased the brooch on the right from Pinkmoon Shop on Etsy.  She was kind enough to send along the flower brooch as a thank you!  Isn’t that cool!  Etsy sellers are the greatest.  If you haven’t checked out Etsy, why not?   It is all handmade goods along with supplies and some vintage items, too.  You can get a lot of great for a little green!




Lisa Kettell made a comment about Birdman that I created a while back and I asked her if she would like to swap with me.  She is an awesome artist and I have been in awe of her work for quite a while, but never felt any of my creations were of the caliber to trade with her even when she left me a comment that she  would like to trade with me.  I thought Birdman was of her caliber and asked her if she would trade with me for him. 

I received her trade last weekend and I am in love.  The dimension on this card is amazing.  The picture at the top is almost hypnotic.  His eyes are certainly piercing.  I want to yell to the little Miss to RUN!  

Have you swapped with someone that you consider an artist?