DSC01296I found another template for paper dolls last week and decided to give it another try.   I like that these are more whimsical than the other.  This one has a jester kind of look.  I am not really sure what else I could do to him to embellish further so I might be a bit limited.  I also don’t like how the head connects, but do like that it is a bit more jointed than the others I have seen. 

I need to make a decision soon as it has to be posted by October 15th.  So I need to get cracking.  I have the other two items for the swap finished and ready to go.  The paper doll is the only part I am still struggling with.  It is also the reason I joined the swap as I wanted to make one. 

Have you seen any other paper doll sites or templates you might want to share?  I feel like if I keep playing enough that I will “hit” upon the right one to create.  So far none of the ones I have made seem like the right one for the swap.  So I will keep searching and trying…

What do you do when the thing you are creating is just not quite right?  Do you scrap it?  Make it work?  Set it aside and ponder it?  Or just yell DO OVER????