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I am a recruiter by trade.  I contact people that apply for work and interview them over the phone to see if they fit the basics for the position I am hiring them for.  When I worked for a Fortune 500 company I recruited for the West Coast of the US.  I live on the East Coast. 

A lot of the time I never see or even meet in person the people they hire, but that is not to say there are not many stories along the way.  It amazes me what some people say during the interview process. 

One lady in particular I will never forget.   She went in to meet with the manager for an in person interview for a position.  The manager asked her during the interview when she is reviewing a file how does she find out what is missing? 

She told the manager that she was a psychic and that when she laid her hand upon the file she could feel that something was wrong with it and that the spirits led her to what was incorrect. 

She then went on to tell her about her experiences as a psychic and how she let the spirits guide her in her everyday life.  The manager told me that her FREAK meter was blaring in her ear and that she was afraid she might put a hex on her if she didn’t hire her. 

She asked me if I was going to call her to let her know she was not going to get the job.  I said “why?  If she is psychic she will know she is not getting it and I won’t need to call!”  Evidently, she is not a good psychic as she called me the next day to tell me that the spirits told her that she was going to get this job.  I let her know nicely in my best corporate speak that she was not.  I laughed as I hung up the phone about the spirits lying to her!   

I believe Miss Cleo is unemployed, perhaps it was her?

scan0001 This post is a hodge podge of some of the stuff I received in the mail recently. 

I received the last of my mail art collective postcards.  This fall leafy gem arrived in my mailbox.  I love the colors and the texture of this card a lot.  It is probably my favorite.  I am so looking forward to fall and the crispness coming to the air.  I can hardly wait!


I also received these lovely house charms from an Etsy purchase made by Art By Heather.  I love how she has collaged the houses on all sides and used a little stamps for the roof.  So cute and quite the conversation starter. 

DSC01273I also worked on a dessert collaged memo book for a friend.  The images are from a 1950 Better Homes and Gardens dessert cookbook. 


The front and the back are filled with treats guaranteed to make your tummy ache from the sweetness.  The spine is covered with cupcake ribbon.  A confection of a memo book. 

What is your favorite dessert?  Have I pictured it here? 

DSC01270 I went thrifting this past weekend and I picked up a pillowcase.  I really liked the fabric and thought it would make a great (insert choice).  Last fall and winter everyone was making patchwork scarves, but I never got around to it.  Then it hit me that I could make a scarf with that pillowcase!

I cut long strips of the front and back materials.  The top trim was patched on top.  The backside is a pillow sham that I thrifted a long time ago, but thought that the shabbiness of the colors blended well and it also had a bit of batting between to give my scarf the right kind of middle. 


I sewed in the seam every so often to quilt it a bit and finished the edge with a shell stitch to finish it.  I really like the finished scarf and it is just the right weight and feels so soft around my neck. 

Is there a project that has been on your to do list too long?  Have you made it?  Going to start it? 

DSC01268Margaret decided to torment torture chastise challenge us this week with the theme of Kawaii.  I am all for a Hello Kitty every now and then, but that doesn’t mean I want to create with her.  Here are my entries for the challenge this week.  


I embellished the K using my gel pens and some flower stickers.  The font on the Hello Kitty card is a free font I picked up called Gracie.  I think it is really cute that it is inside those little critters. 

We are all hopeful that she will never cause this horror for us again pick this theme again.  She has threatened us with Hello Kitty for the next theme, but we have all threatened to leave her alone with her Kitty! 

What do you think of Kawaii? 

DSC01275I received my mermaid Dotee from Heidec for the Flickr Mermaid Dotee swap.  I love her sparkly parts, the face, her jewel in her hair and her shape.  I love to see other’s interpretation of the mermaids and I like how Heide makes them look a bit like art dolls. 

I am enjoying the various Flickr groups I belong to and the swaps among the members.  It is nice to challenge yourself with a new technique or skill from time to time. 

While I am at it, I want to let you know how disappointed I am that Dot, the woman that created the Dotee doll has stopped blogging.  She was such a happy spirit and an awesome artist.  It is hard now to not introduce people new to the Dotee world to her work.  She is still selling the Dotee kits on Etsy so she is not gone completely, but I do miss her!

Is there a crafty hero that you are missing? 

Paul gives new meaning to 72 years young!

I attended a very small high school in Middlebourne, WV.  Tyler County High School was a great place to go to school.  You can see my senior picture here (I am in the middle of the second row).  I was voted class cut-up, was a member of the Future Teachers of America, and a star bit player in the senior class play, If A Man Answers, and a member of the choir and honors choir.  So you can see I was an active participant in high school life. 

We were able to go off campus for lunch and there was a little diner on the main street that I frequented.  I could get 2 chili dogs, chips and a drink for less than $3.  That wholesome lunch made me the woman I am today!  :O)  The main street through Middlebourne didn’t even have a stop light.  You know a town is small when there are no stoplights

The high school was small enough that I knew everyone in my graduating class and most of the underclassmen as well.  It was a small school by today’s standards.  During the graduation ceremony they called your name and you were receiving your diploma before they called the next name.  If I recall there were only 74 people in my graduating class.  That is about a classroom now!

Sadly, my school has now consolidated with our arch rival, Sistersville.  There was, I understand, quite a fight over the name change.  It is called Tyler County Consolidated High School now.  Sistersville didn’t like that we got to keep our name and they didn’t.  Gone is this lovely old building and also Sistersville’s.  They have moved into a brand new building shortly after I graduated. 

It was nice happening upon this site.  I have since lost my yearbook so it is nice to see the images again, to remember the people, to see it all again.  Makes me wish for a nanosecond I could go back.  I did have a lot of fun.  Wonder if they miss me? 

Thanks for humoring me on this little trip down memory lane.  It was fun. 

Have you gone to a high school reunion?  I have not, but wonder if any of you have.

DSC01266The Mermaid Dotee Group on Flickr had another swap.  The person I create for this time, Zeldaloo, creates art dolls.  That is a lot of pressure for me.  Her art dolls are awesome, too.  I had to step it up a bit.  I had just received some fabric from Starlitnest via Etsy.  It is part of Heather Ross’ Mendocino collection.  


She is a bit smaller than my usual Dotees and I hand sketched her shape over and over to get it right.  Since she was smaller stuffing that body and especially the tail was hard!  I like the shades of brown with the pop of turquoise.  I had also made a larger face for her about a week ago then when I was ready to affix it realized it was not going to work.  I took some of the day Saturday to make another using my sculpey clay, paints, inks and the sculpey glaze.  I worked on the beading as all that was drying. 


DSC01267I always struggle with the hair on my Dotees.  I started out taking pieces of yarn soaking it in stiffy and then twirling it around a pencil to make her some ringlets of curls.  I was going to make her a head of ringlets, but it was not working out.  Come up with plan B! 

As I was thumbing trough my yarn stash I found some brown wool yard that was a bit more natural and not as heavily spun.  I made some loops of it and then sewed it onto brown bias tape to make a wig.  I then sewed in the 4 ringlets that survived and mixed them in with the brown.  I really like how it came out loose and wavy like she just came up from a swim. 

I am really pleased how she came out in the end, but man the process was like a mystery novel filled with twists and turns.  Thankfully, I am very good at “winging it” when plans go awry.  I hope Alisa likes her.  Can’t wait to hear what she says!

DSC01263 And while I am on the subject of the Mermaid Flickr group, my partner for the last swapJenny The Artist the group admin, asked me if I would make her some small domino charms.  She asked me to let her know what I would like in return and I spied her Japanese owls.  She was nice enough to make 4 of them for me. 

Aren’t they cute!  I really like them and they are a bit larger than a ping pong ball.  Thanks, Jenny, for an awesome swap.  If you are interested in 1:1 swapping let me know.  I never say no.  Sometimes you have to wait a bit, but I am always game for a swap!

Do you swap?

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