This week’s MAMMA challenge was phone bookDSC01299.  I must admit I had to think about this one a bit.  Then I remembered Lily Tomlin’s sassy operator and the light went on.  The Lily image is done using gel transfer.  I got really lucky with that technique this time.  The transfer went very well.


One is off to the states and the other to the UK.  I love that my work travels the world.  I may need a passport, but my work only requires a stamp or two.

I received these cards from the Kawaii swap. 

DSC01301 DSC01300

The card on the left is from Nancy and the card on the right is from MAMMA herself.  Nancy’s card cracks me up.  How scan0001bmany times have we all been there at the Beauty shop?  I love the look on the penguin’s face, too.  Margaret’s is made entirely from felt with the sweetest little border stitched around it.  She recently bought a new sewing machine and has been giving it quite a whirl lately. 


Margaret was nice enough to send me a piece of her work.  I made a comment that I thought it was great and she was kind enough to send it to me.  I really love her Zetti work.  She is really fabulous at it. 



If you enjoy making ATC and swapping them with some very talented people you can check out the group here.  Join us it is a lot of fun.