DSC01308I went to the Goodwill in Mechanicsville after work on Friday.  I needed nothing, but my sixth sense told me to go.  They have a very small jewelry case in the front of the store and every now and then they have some real gems. 

The bracelet appears to be handmade and all the connectors are brass.  This I assume as one had a bit of corrosion on it.  All of the coins are the same and are dated from 1918 to 1928 and I believe they are from Belgium.  

DSC01309 DSC01310

I brought it home and soaked it in my trusty Dawn dish liquid.  Dawn works the best with old crud on things and tends to break it up easily.  This lovely cost me only $10.25!  That is what I love about Goodwill.  You can get a real gem for a pittance! 

Have you found a real score lately?