One of the hotels I work with recently gave my company, which is a non-profit, a donation for their grand opening celebration.  This is me below receiving the check on behalf of the company, Kalyan Hospitality.  The gentleman I am shaking hands with is Nick, the owner of Kalyan.  the lady to the right is Melinda, the general manager of the hotel.  

It was an honor to receive the donation.  I placed one of the new hires there for an extended stay during her relocation and they thanked me by providing a donation.  If you are in the Virginia Center Commons area and you are seeking lodging, consider the Candlewood Suites.  It is a brand new hotel and one that gives back to the community.  That makes them great in my book!






Speaking of givers, the quote to the left is by Harriet Tubman.  I love quotations and am often moved by a good one to create something to showcase it.  I used one of the photos that I thrifted at the Goodwill outlet a few weeks ago.  I love the pose on this little girl, the dress she is wearing and the gingham ribbon in her hair.  Her facial expression is lovely also. 







Someone that knows little about failure is George Burns.  He was the greatest entertainer up to and passed his 100th birthday.  He was simply famous for being old and for smoking a cigar and living his life.  Everyone loved George!  After his wife’s, Gracie Allen, passed away he remained faithful to her memory and never remarried.  He always seemed to have a few lovelies by his side. 

This is another of the photos from the G’will outlet.  I assume she is the big sister to the little lady in the other photo as they were all part of the same album.  Her Mom must have loved braids. 




What is your favorite quotation?