DSC01295 I am participating in Hop Hop Jingle Boo’s Halloween Flight Halloween swap.  One of the items we have to make for our partner is a paper doll.  I have not tried a paper doll, but Debra was gracious enough to provide a link for some templates

I created my doll using vintage sheet music that I inked up to age it a bit more.  I drew her face on, but you can also use a rubber stamp of a face if you prefer.  Since I have no face stamps, I decided to draw it. 


I did well, but made two of the same legs.  I thought I was being careful to use each of the pattern pieces, but think I must have flipped the leg before I cut it out. 

I will keep this one for me as I continue to work on her and make another for my partner.  I have to make her some clothes and embellish her a bit.  Her hair makes her look a bit like Cleopatra don’t you think? 

The brads are a bit large.  I found some 3/4″ ones at the thrift store.  They are the kind you use to keep papers together.  She went together easily.  She is a lot different from the old paper dolls I played with as a child.  I don’t recall mine being jointed and poseable.  I remember them being flat and having a little stand that made a plus at the bottom, but that didn’t stop me from playing with them for hours!

Did you play with paper dolls?