I am a recruiter by trade.  I contact people that apply for work and interview them over the phone to see if they fit the basics for the position I am hiring them for.  When I worked for a Fortune 500 company I recruited for the West Coast of the US.  I live on the East Coast. 

A lot of the time I never see or even meet in person the people they hire, but that is not to say there are not many stories along the way.  It amazes me what some people say during the interview process. 

One lady in particular I will never forget.   She went in to meet with the manager for an in person interview for a position.  The manager asked her during the interview when she is reviewing a file how does she find out what is missing? 

She told the manager that she was a psychic and that when she laid her hand upon the file she could feel that something was wrong with it and that the spirits led her to what was incorrect. 

She then went on to tell her about her experiences as a psychic and how she let the spirits guide her in her everyday life.  The manager told me that her FREAK meter was blaring in her ear and that she was afraid she might put a hex on her if she didn’t hire her. 

She asked me if I was going to call her to let her know she was not going to get the job.  I said “why?  If she is psychic she will know she is not getting it and I won’t need to call!”  Evidently, she is not a good psychic as she called me the next day to tell me that the spirits told her that she was going to get this job.  I let her know nicely in my best corporate speak that she was not.  I laughed as I hung up the phone about the spirits lying to her!   

I believe Miss Cleo is unemployed, perhaps it was her?