DSC01270 I went thrifting this past weekend and I picked up a pillowcase.  I really liked the fabric and thought it would make a great (insert choice).  Last fall and winter everyone was making patchwork scarves, but I never got around to it.  Then it hit me that I could make a scarf with that pillowcase!

I cut long strips of the front and back materials.  The top trim was patched on top.  The backside is a pillow sham that I thrifted a long time ago, but thought that the shabbiness of the colors blended well and it also had a bit of batting between to give my scarf the right kind of middle. 


I sewed in the seam every so often to quilt it a bit and finished the edge with a shell stitch to finish it.  I really like the finished scarf and it is just the right weight and feels so soft around my neck. 

Is there a project that has been on your to do list too long?  Have you made it?  Going to start it?