DSC01275I received my mermaid Dotee from Heidec for the Flickr Mermaid Dotee swap.  I love her sparkly parts, the face, her jewel in her hair and her shape.  I love to see other’s interpretation of the mermaids and I like how Heide makes them look a bit like art dolls. 

I am enjoying the various Flickr groups I belong to and the swaps among the members.  It is nice to challenge yourself with a new technique or skill from time to time. 

While I am at it, I want to let you know how disappointed I am that Dot, the woman that created the Dotee doll has stopped blogging.  She was such a happy spirit and an awesome artist.  It is hard now to not introduce people new to the Dotee world to her work.  She is still selling the Dotee kits on Etsy so she is not gone completely, but I do miss her!

Is there a crafty hero that you are missing?