I attended a very small high school in Middlebourne, WV.  Tyler County High School was a great place to go to school.  You can see my senior picture here (I am in the middle of the second row).  I was voted class cut-up, was a member of the Future Teachers of America, and a star bit player in the senior class play, If A Man Answers, and a member of the choir and honors choir.  So you can see I was an active participant in high school life. 

We were able to go off campus for lunch and there was a little diner on the main street that I frequented.  I could get 2 chili dogs, chips and a drink for less than $3.  That wholesome lunch made me the woman I am today!  :O)  The main street through Middlebourne didn’t even have a stop light.  You know a town is small when there are no stoplights

The high school was small enough that I knew everyone in my graduating class and most of the underclassmen as well.  It was a small school by today’s standards.  During the graduation ceremony they called your name and you were receiving your diploma before they called the next name.  If I recall there were only 74 people in my graduating class.  That is about a classroom now!

Sadly, my school has now consolidated with our arch rival, Sistersville.  There was, I understand, quite a fight over the name change.  It is called Tyler County Consolidated High School now.  Sistersville didn’t like that we got to keep our name and they didn’t.  Gone is this lovely old building and also Sistersville’s.  They have moved into a brand new building shortly after I graduated. 

It was nice happening upon this site.  I have since lost my yearbook so it is nice to see the images again, to remember the people, to see it all again.  Makes me wish for a nanosecond I could go back.  I did have a lot of fun.  Wonder if they miss me? 

Thanks for humoring me on this little trip down memory lane.  It was fun. 

Have you gone to a high school reunion?  I have not, but wonder if any of you have.