I love pattern in my clothing.  I love lots of colors and I love something vintage or with a vintage flair.  My clothing style could best be labeled as quirky.  Since I work in the corporate world, I tend to hold back a bit at work normally using my DSC01264necklaces or bracelets to speak for me.  The weekends, oh the glorious weekends, tend to bring out the freak in me! 

I saw a handmade quilted jacket at the Goodwill and it was about 4 sizes too small for me so I passed it by.  As I was shopping I kept making loops back by it, touching it again, feeling the fabric and then placing it back on the rack again and again.  This dance went on for about an hour…back and forth…and back and forth…until…

Something told me to go ahead and buy it.  You can make a purse from it or a tote bag, the fabric is cute, it is really lovely…JUST BUY IT!  So I bought it.  If I recall it was $4.99.  Every time I went through my stash looking for fabric there it is.  I stop just to stare at it for a minute and then put it back. 

Saturday was the day!  I was “rained in” by Tropical Storm Hanna which hit the east coast so I thought what better time to make a new purse.  I used a familiar pattern as I really love this bag and have received a ton of compliments on it since I made the first one. 

I love the cowboy print!  I used linen for the lining and the inside pockets have the cowboy print on it so I can find them inside the bag.  My friend, Louise, that I made a bag for this past winter made the comment that it was hard for her to find the pocket in the same material and you know, she is right.  Have you not had that problem when the pocket is empty? 

DSC01258 There are two pockets on the outside.  They were the pockets from the quilted jacket which were nicely finished for me already.  The outside and inside corners are rounded a bit as I had to do that since I was using pieces already cut for a jacket.  I kind of like them rounded a bit.

So, would you buy the jacket like I did or just pass it by?  When you shop at thrift stores do you see the fabric or the garment?  If only the garment you may want to retrain your eye!  Otherwise you may be passing a cute bag by!

I also took some time to create this collage for a friend’s birthday.  The frame is thrifted.  It was a framed piece of cane (like on the seat of a chair).  The image is from a vintage pattern.  I used two pieces of scrapbook paper for the background.  The picture doesn’t show it completely, but the background pieces are lime and brown as is her dress.  I finished it off with some dimensional flowers, ribbon and buttons.  I hope she likes it!


Aren’t surprises the best!