My first real crush was on David Eddy.  He was a bit older than I, but was really cute.  We were in 4-H together and I had it really, really bad.  I used every opportunity I had to be near him, volunteering for committees, projects, building the float, whatever it was I was there!  I thought he was really starting to fall for me.

I was friends with a girl that I introduced to David one evening when he and I ran to the store to get some supplies for a project we were working on.  (I cannot recall her name as I must have obliterated that from my memory.)  I saw the looks they gave one another and then was the recipient of the questions David asked about her.  I knew what was happening and I was having none of it. 

Despite my best efforts, guess who I saw out together one evening?  You guessed it, David and the turncoat!  And…THEY WERE HOLDING HANDS!  OMG, I thought I might faint.  I was so pleasant when they stopped to talk to me that I thought I was going to be sick!

David thought he could sing well and since I had a mondo crush on him I didn’t tell him any different.  I was so madly in love with him that I smiled stupidly whenever he sang along with the radio.  Looking back now, I realize it was agony and pure torture.  But when your ears are clouded by crush you hear Michael Buble. 

Our County 4-H decided to hold a talent show to raise some money.  It was going to be a contest, too, to find an act for the County Fair.  David asked me if he should sing.  Since I was still smarting from his latest girlfriend I suggested that “Yes, sign up and sing a love song to (his girlfriend)!”  What a great idea!

He decided on Always and Forever.  I suggested that he not warm up before the song as I didn’t want anyone to talk him out of performing.  He also decided to sing it acapella!  Later, the crowd had gathered, the lights were up and SHE was sitting front row center so she could see her boyfriend sing to her.  The curtain opened and they introduced David to the crowd.  David was very popular so the crowd was pretty rowdy when he was introduced.  He even took the time to dedicate it to HER and pointed her out!

Do you remember that episode of the Brady Bunch when Peter’s voice was changing?  Well, add to that completely off key and you get the picture.  I was in the back of the room grinning and watching HER cringe and slip down into her seat.  Then it started, the booing from the back of the room.  SHE got up and walked out and according to David broke up with him by phone the next day!

David left shortly thereafter for the military and I didn’t see him again.  That scene has played in my mind a time or two since that occurrence and David’s sister, Brenda, and I had a chuckle or two over it.  Brenda couldn’t figure out why David chose to sing since everyone told him how awful a singer he was.  She never realized it was I that encouraged him and I never told her either. 

What have you done to get even with the one that broke your heart?