I really took advantage of the long weekend we had for Labor Day this week.  I made some charms for an extra for a swap that is due at the end of the month.


These were made using Diamond Glaze on top.  I need to perfect my technique further with the Diamond glaze, but wanted to give it a try. 

The swap is a Halloween ATC swap.  I won’t say who is holding it as I want my partners to be surprised when they arrive. 

I also made some other altered rummy-o tiles that will become pendants.




I used my gel medium on top of these and tinted it a bit to “age” the pendants.  The images I purchased at my local bead shop.  They were a bit too small so I used some strips of print at the top and the bottom. 

Also, the gel medium was brushed on a bit roughly to give them some texture. 



DSC01250 DSC01251

DSC01252 DSC01253


  These were the ATCS I created for the Halloween ATC swap.  If you would like to join the fun you can leave a comment here.  I worked hard to make them very distressed looking.  I thought that adds to the eerie factor. 

I searched via Google for the Halloween related quotes.  These really turned out well and I am really proud of them.  I need to select three for the swap and one for the host of the swap.  After I have done that I will have one left to swap if anyone is interested let me know.

Have you joined any fun Halloween swaps?  Or are you too busy creating your candy list for the grocery store?