I graduated from high school in 1981 and my senior prom was a night to remember.  My date for the prom was Scott Brown who attended our rival high school.  Becky Ericson, who was one of my best friends, went to that high school and introduced me to Scott. 

The prom theme was Styx’s I’m Sailing Away.  Scott and I had a great time at the prom as we both loved to dance and we spent the entire night dancing away.  The prom pictures were taken with me in my bare feet and Scott wearing his heels as I was a bit taller than he.  Can’t seem to locate that picture today and know it is here…somewhere.

After the prom we went to the local bowling alley.  My Mom and Dad were the chaperones for the evening.  We had a lot of fun bowling until 3 in the morning.  Then we were off to the house for the rest of the evening.  My little brother decided after Mom and Dad went to sleep to challenge Scott to a game of quarter bounce with shots of sloe gin.  Scott got PLOWED!  About 4  in the morning he asked me to drive him home as he wanted to be sick in his own bathroom. 

I had never driven a car that you had to shift with a clutch, but he assured me he would help me to do it.  He was passed out before we hit the first curve!  I managed to get us all the way to his house and, thankfully, there were no hills to stop me.  I finally drifted the car into his driveway and parked it with a jolt right behind his sister’s car. 

I then helped him to his room and placed him, per his request, on his bathroom floor.  He then told me to curl up in his sisters’ room so his parents wouldn’t get mad at him.  In the morning I heard, “who is that?”  “You wake her up!”  “No, you wake her up.”  I then let them know it was me and that Scott had gotten sick and I had to drive him home. 

They then bounded into his room to see if he was okay and the sight was not a pretty one.  Evidently, he got a little messy and tried to take off his tux.  We found him with one arm in and the pants at his ankles laying on the bathroom floor.  His sister’s started laughing and saying I am guess it isn’t a bug.  I laughed knowingly with them and said, “er…No.”

My little brother lorded it over Scott every time he saw him that he won the game of quarters and challenged Scott to a rematch, but I wouldn’t let him play.  I was not going to have yet another evening cut short by Tom’s game playing!

Do you have a prom story you would like to share?