This picture cracks me up!  I wonder what elicited that look from that little girl.  Perhaps she was just asked to clean her room?  Or maybe to put her clothes away?  Maybe she is saying a prayer before a big test?  Or just wishing on a star that a certain boy likes her?  Whatever she is doing it is a great image and makes this pendant a bit more special. 




This one features a mermaid lounging in the water.  She is striking a pose, perhaps, to taunt some lonely sea captain into joining her for a swim.  Maybe she is just resting after chasing some other Mermaid hussy away from her man?  Either way she makes a lovely pendant.



I am still working my way through stringing these pendants I made.  I have not been very productive craftwise the last couple of weeks while watching the Olympics.  It is hard to listen to the events so that I can create. 

Which is your favorite image?