…five dollars, that is!  I went on Saturday to the Goodwill outlet here in Richmond.  The outlet is not for the faint of heart as you have to dig and dig and dig and dig…and wait and wait and wait and wait…and dig and dig and dig…  The digging is in the bins that they place out with random stuff, nothing is organized and neat here.  The waiting is for the person in front of you to finish digging in the bin so you can take a change.  The aisles between the bins can get just two carts side by side in it with NO ROOM to spare. 

The pricing is a lot better as everything except the purses, books, shoes and appliances are sold by the pound.  I cannot recall the price per pound, but it is less than 50 cents.  There is no way to add it up as you go along, you just go along and then when you are done you hit the scales/registers. 

Look at the bounty I scored for $5!


DSC01223 DSC01224

DSC01225 DSC01226

DSC01227 DSC01228

DSC01229 Now is that a haul, or what, for $5!  Keep in mind I am not this lucky every time I go.  It is rather hit or miss there on some days, but when you score, you score BIG

I brought a tote bag with me to bag my purchases and the cashier told me that I was not going to get it all in there.  I told her to watch me.  I got it all into one tote bag and wished her a good day.  She told me when she decided to move she is going to call me to pack her boxes.  Fat chance of that happening, Lady!  Oh, yes, do call me! 

So if there is a Goodwill outlet in your area go and check it out.  Wear your grungy clothes and prepare the hunt, but oh the bounty!  I didn’t hit the clothing bins on this trip.  I shared with you a score from the clothing bins in this post

I skipped out the door from the outlet as I was so proud of myself and my haul for $5!