DSC01201For our challenge this week Margaret decided to torture torment challenge us!  This week’s challenge was to incorporate wood, bubble wrap, a flower, a star, and a staple into our creation.  I had to think long and hard about that one.  I knew I wanted to do something bubble related immediately.  So I searched the blowing bubble images using Google image finder and came upon this one.

The background was created using inked bubble wrap as a stamp.  The flower is a sequin creation for sewing onto a garment that I thrifted a while back, the star is off of my Converse sneakers which I kept for some reason.  There are bits of wood stapled to the card.  I used an eyelet to hold the star on along with a bit of ribbon.  I cut out a couple of the bubbles from the bubble wrap to simulate DSC01200bubbles and make it a bit more 3-D.  I drew on the bubble wand as I had a bit of a cut out mishap with the one in the picture. 

The second one that I created used a Koi fish image.  Again, I inked the bubble wrap for the background I then used a layer of applique film so that he would appear under water.  I inked the film on the reverse side with another color before adhering it to the image.  A smiling sunflower, a bit of a match stapled to the card and a tied on shell star complete the image. 

Both are on their way to partners in the UK.  The first to Jan and the 2nd to Margaret who is the MAMMA of the challenge group. 

I have not received last week’s Oriental With A Twist card yet.  My partner for this round is Hannele in Finland.  The card (I am sure) is still winging it way East.  Mine is still in transit to her, too.  I will have to share it with you next week. 

What creative endeavors are challenging you this week?