During my senior year of high school, Mr. Langer was my homeroom teacher.  He was also my Chemistry teacher.  He used to get really mad at me as I never opened my book and passed his class with a solid C+.  He sat me down during my study hall one day to tell me if I only applied myself I could receive an A.  So for a semester I opened the book, studied and applied myself and received an A.  The next semester I went back to my apathetic, slacker ways.  He was so frustrated and angry with me that when I came to homeroom each morning after that semester there was a hall pass waiting on his desk to go anywhere, but not to homeroom!

Mrs. Metz was our guidance counselor.  In the mornings she had donuts so that is where I decided to take my hall pass most mornings.  One day Mrs Metz was out sick and I decided I needed some company so I sent a hall pass from “Mrs. Metz” for my best friend Troy so he could join me.  Troy was also in Mr. Langer’s homeroom class. 

Troy and I decided it would be fun to divert the freshman class from their homerooms.  They held freshman homeroom in the fabricated classrooms behind the school so Troy and I stood outside the gym entrance and told them all that  homeroom was in the football stadium that day.  So the entire freshman class, all 200 of them headed for the bleachers. 

After they were all in place Troy and I skeedaddled back to Mrs. Metz’s office.  Next thing we heard was a page calling us to Mr. Wyatt’s office.  He was our school’s Principal.  He told us that the Freshman class was in trouble for not reporting to homeroom and that they said Troy and I had told them to go to the football field. 

“We were in Mrs. Metz’s office this morning, sir.”  “We have been there all morning, sir.”  “I don’t know why they would say that about us when we were not there, sir.”  Troy and I went on and on with the denials!  I don’t know why, but we got away with it and the freshman class was placed in detention.  Maybe Mr. Wyatt was in awe that Troy and I pulled this off and someone had to be punished.  So it was the freshman class, not Troy and I. 

From that point forward we were infamous around the school!  Mrs. Metz even congratulated us on the feat.  She was cool that way!