As if I need to learn or purchase another thing as far as crafts are concerned!  I have always been fascinated by needle felting and wanted to try it.  I was at Ben Franklin on Friday to pick up something that I will show you tomorrow when I DSC01199happened to be in the aisle with the needle felting supplies.  I always hesitated to buy it as the cost was kind of high, but they had it and it was reasonably priced.  I had to give it a try! 

I used a piece of a sweater that I felted and then had at it.  Don’t laugh, but I was going to make a daisy when the first petal came out kind of wonky and I saw a duck beak.  To the circle with the beak I added an eye and then another circle for the body. 

He is not perfect, but is the first supposed to be?  Pretty good for a first attempt, no? 

Do you crafty attempts always end in success or do they get rerouted in the creative process?  A lot of my creations are the result of happy accidents and I like it that way.  It keeps my creative eye always at the ready. 

My Ducky Duck Duck

by Kalikala Smith

My ducky duck is a yellow duck
and he likes to duck with the other ducks
in the small, cool pool after a day at school
when the trees have bees and the honey is amuck.

Oh what to do with my ducky duck duck
when he sits in that pond without any luck
in the small, cool pool after a day at school
and he makes one good friend who goes by Chuck.

I know what he’d say, oh my ducky duck duck
if he knew that I worried about his getting stuck
in the small, cool pool after a day at school
he’d say, “relax and smile and I’ll make you a buck.”

So that’s what you do with a ducky duck duck
when you know that he’s yellow and doesn’t have much luck
in a small, cool pool after a day at school
you stick him in the mucky muck muck.