This week’s challenge was oriental with a twist.  Since my mind works in God knows what fashion, I immediately thought of Chubby Checker, the originator of the Twist.  I also knew I wanted to create a Chinese take out container for the oriental part. 

Here is my take on this week’s theme: Take Out With A Twist


I completed the card with some of my fav Chinese take-out dishes.  The take-out container is created using Chinese-English dictionary pages.  I added some doodles to complete the look. 

I received three cards back from the 60’s themed swap last week.  One was from Nayski who I traded with before.  She created this one entirely using gel pens.  Cool, no.  She wrote in my note with the card that people might think she was under the influence of some of the recreational 60’s products when she created it.  LOL!


From Shadfan66 came these two cards concentrating on the dress and songs of the 60’s.  He painted the backgrounds using watercolors.  They are sparkly in person.

DSC01190 DSC01191

From the previous week’s water theme, I received this card from Funkyluke.  It is entitled Purple Rain.  The center is covered with little purple beads. She bordered the card with fun fur.  I would link to Funkyluke’s flickr page, but she appears to no longer be a member.


I also wanted to try out creating ATCs using transparencies.  I went to the office supply store to pick up some of them, but they were $40!!!!!!! for a pack of 50.  I refused to buy them.  I went to the Goodwill the following day and found 3 boxes of drafting and design applique film for $5.25 per.  You can print on it and it is adhesive.  So I purchased all 3 boxes (100 sheets per pack) for $15.75!  What a savings! 


Birdman created with the body from a black and white picture, a bird image’s head and then overlaying the birds printed on the applique film. 


A Little Birdie Told Me created with a vintage storybook image, some ric rac and sheer border with the birds overlaid on the ATC.


Lastly, I Soar With the Birds created using a vintage book image, wings created from vintage dictionary pages, some sparkly embellishments, and the birds again overlaid on the card. 

I found a site for free collage sheets that you can download where I found the bird images.  The bird images are on this sheet.

Here’s hoping your week is tweedly-deedly-deet!  Tweet! Tweet!