DSC01179When I made the mini charms last week, I printed a set of pictures that were too big for them.  Not wanting to waste great images I decided to make some using my rummy-o tiles.  Jan sent me a pendant recently using a tubular bead for the bale instead of the wire I was using.  She mentioned that it was hard to find them with holes large enough to thread her ribbon through.   Since I was going to use jewelry wire it was not an issue. 

I used my E6000 glue to adhere the tube to the top of the game piece so it would stay put.  I had to use a push pin in order to get the glue off that squished out from underneath when I pushed down on it. 

The center image has been added to a necklace made from vintage beads which are pink, black and crystal.  I really like the “totally tubular” bales!  Thanks, Jan, for the inspiration!



Here are the others I made using various color tube beads.  The picture of the little girl rolling her eyes really cracks me up!  I wonder if her mother just told her to clean her room or to pick up her shoes off the floor?  I remember rolling my eyes at my mother a time or two.  Only, once or twice until I was caught then I stopped.  She gave me a reason to quit! 

In the top group, the lady with the bowling ball I have named Myrtle.  Myrtle Yertle the league champ!  She looks like she means business with that bowling ball! 

I am going to spend this week creating necklaces with them.