DSC01178I was searching over the weekend for a new flower tutorial.  Every so often I like to try new styles and mix things up a bit.  I found the tutorial for this one here

The directions indicated a 3X3 square, but mine were 5″, but it worked.  I think I like it a bit bigger, too.  I also pull the petals tight and knot them before I start the next so I don’t have to pull so many tight when I am finished.  The center is a large button I covered with fabric.  I didn’t add any padding as I wanted the button very flat to offset all the flower puffiness. 

They are super easy so give it a try!



Have you every given someone a present for no other reason than Just ‘Cause? I thought I would create a bloggy button that you could pass along to your friends as they need it or as you do. 



The picture on the button cracked me up!  I thought she could be asking “Why?” or saying “Just ’cause!”  So feel free to pass it along and if you need it in the future you can find it on the left side of my blog page! 

Pass it on freely, pass it on often, pass it on just ’cause!   Your friends will thank you!

And just because she needs a pick me up right now and is taking a bloggy break to charge up her blogging spirit, I want to award the first one to Miss Sandy of Quill Cottage.  Miss Sandy, this one’s for you!

Now I charge all of you to pass it on!  Share it with other bloggers and your friends, just ’cause!