DSC01162 I made a trip to my LQS (don’t be mad at me Vicki as once again I ended up there and did not go there!).  I have been intrigued by other’s creations by printing on fabric.  I bought some pre-cute freezer paper sheets and decided to give it a try. 


DSC01164 DSC01165

I used my trusty Google Image Finder to locate some vintage images and then printed them on some light green fabric.  I gave one of the camera brooches to my friend Brenda.  She is a broochy supporter and an awesome photographer, too.  It was super easy to do and the longest part was resizing the images for the 2″ center circle on the brooches. 

You may see bits of the felt here and there.  I was so anxious to photograph them I forgot to cut them a bit. 

If you try printing on fabric let me know.  I would like to check it out!