DSC01161This week’s MAMMA challenge was water.  I had a hard time coming up with a concept until I happened upon this sweet little face via a flickr search for holding breath.  I knew I had to incorporate that face into my ATC, but was not sure how.  The caption read that when he rode the sleigh he held his breath. 

Then I thought he was acting a bit coy and the light went on.  Coy = Koi = Fish = Water = water themed ATC!  His body and fins were made using scrapbook paper.  I used some textured paper to make the top and bottom of the card so it looked like ripples in the water.  On top of that I added some glitter.   The Martha Stewart glitter seems to get everywhere and I believe it multiplies, too!  It is now all over the place and every time I turn around I see it shining at me and mocking me! 

Oh well, he is a cutie and the trouble with the glitter will not deter me! 


I received my cards from last week’s 3 swap.  First, from MoCross, there is Three Coins in the Trevi Fountain.  And next we have 3 Little Dickie Birdies from Agnes The Red.  I have shown it both open and folded. 

DSC01171 DSC01173

DSC01170Both of the ATCs are awesome and from people that I have admired their work for a while.  Agnes was nice enough to send along an extra ATC. 


Thanks, Agne and Mo.  They are awesome!